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Benefits of Utilizing Ozone As A Water Treatment System
By Gregg Sanders, CEO and President, Water Tech Solutions


  • Ozone is a very efficient biocide leaving no chemical residual after interaction with organics. The ozone produced reverts back to oxygen. Zero chemical discharge.

  • The EPA considers ozone on cooling towers a Pollution Prevention Technology.

  • Ozone is 2 ½ times stronger than chlorine, and its been proven by the Centers For Disease Control to kill Legionella bacteria faster for safer cooling tower operation.

  • Ozone and blowdown will provide sole treatment needs with no chemicals added.

  • Proven experience and knowledgeable operation of chemical free towers since 1988.

  • Monitoring, Maintenance and Service, are provided with our service program.

  • Cooling tower ozone treatment systems have been in existence for over 35 years across the Nation. Ozone has over 100 year history of purifying water!

  • WTS, Inc. has more than 125 users with multiple installations - repeat business means satisfaction.

  • Bacteria cannot develop immunity to ozone so alternating biocides is not necessary.

  • Ozone does not harm cooling system metals, pump or valve components.

  • Ozone is not a scale or corrosion inhibitor in the traditional sense, but, cycles & blowdown provides the balance needed. Good corrosion rates are realized in a stand-alone ozone system. Copies of corrosion analysis available upon request.

  • Reduced fouling through excellent biological control means greater chiller efficiency, reduced energy consumption and reduced tube cleaning.

  • Water savings are possible in almost all locations.

  • No chemical residual in the blow down means environmentally friendly operation withno environmental impact or permit requirements.

  • No chemical storage, handling, transportation, liabilities, secondary containment, safety equipment, MSDS records, eye wash stations or concerns for workers on site.

  • Mechanical & electrical equipment replaces chemical drums, acid, chlorine, and dangers of handling these. The components of our system are familiar to plant personnel.

  • Automated equipment can be tied into Building Management System for remote monitoring.

  • Automated operation means optimum control and efficiency with no overdosing or under dosing.

  • Steel and Copper corrosion rates within industry standards are proven with our ozone systems.

  • When you consider ALL the costs associated with chemicals, typical payback is 18-36 months.

  • Those who sell water treatment chemical are not acknowledging the benefits of ozone water treatment. It’s a better biocide than anything they have to offer.

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